Racing Car Version 1
Racing Car Version2
SUV/MPV/Logistics vehicle
产 品 配 置

颜色                                                                                                                      高级灰
长                                                                                                                     4715mm
宽                                                                                                                     1923mm
轴距                                                                                                                  2760mm
发动机        2.0T GDI涡轮增压直喷发动机 (1981cc)/ 较大输出功率(kW/rpm) :180/5500
变速箱                                                                               6速手自一体变速箱+运动模式
指导价                                                                                                             37.68万起
New power technology -- Coreless Permanent Magnet nano motor The Coreless Permanent magnet motor is the most efficient and energy-saving new generation of motor. It is different from the radial magnetic field of traditional motor. It adopts the axial magnetic field structure, which makes the motor smaller and higher power. Technology includes: electromagnetic technology, fluid heat conduction technology, new material technology, new technology, power electronics technology, industrial control technology and many other leading scientific and technological innovations.
Top designers in the world
The first super pure electric sports car Smart, environmental protection, beautiful, exist for innovation Charm from the East Carbon fiber composites Compared with similar new energy vehicles, the driving range of new energy vehicles is increased by 30%



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Ultra fast charging Super long endurance
Battery management system is developed by domestic battery industry Ningde times, a leading enterprise, is the best way to protect the company. It can charge for 800km in 15 minutes

Luxury MPV business car
It integrates the wide passenger space of station wagon and the comfort of car. Adaptability and function of van
No character flow car The products are independently developed by Zhixing technology The system provides multi-sensor adaptive control It is necessary to integrate the algorithm, environment cognition algorithm, environment recognition algorithm Design reasonable path planning algorithm, high efficiency Reliability control algorithm and intelligent distribution The solution can be humanized and convenient Intelligent automatic logistics distribution.