FARNOVA Group Holdings Limited (Stock Code: 8153. HK) was established in 2000 and listed on the stock exchange of Hong Kong GEM in 2001. The company mainly focuses on two core businesses: (I) advertising campaign planning services in Hong Kong and China; (II) production and sales of new energy vehicles in China.

FARNOVA (China) new energy vehicle project is initiated by Mr. Guo green, Deputy Secretary General of China Italy Federation. It brings together the world's top automotive technology resources, introduces international design team and driverless technology, and cooperates with Switzerland and abb to apply more than 40 international patented technologies to the design, R & D and production of pure electric new energy vehicles. In 2018, Fano integrated domestic and foreign resources, combined with Italian esiste design, and officially entered the design and manufacturing of new energy electric vehicles and supporting parts.

At present, it has obtained 2000 international orders from London, Paris, Hong Kong and other places, and plans to deliver them in 2021. Re-tech automotive design center will cooperate with Italian esiste group as the director and consultant of Fano new energy vehicles. Both sides will jointly provide China's new energy with all-round design, production of supporting parts and international market consulting services. Shenzhen fanuo new energy vehicle Holding Co., Ltd. was established in March 2018 with a registered capital of 1 billion yuan.


Core competitiveness of the company

1. Top design team

The core team of the company comes from the world-famous automobile companies. The design team hired by the company has long-term strategic cooperation with Italian and German design companies and teams. The customers we have worked with include Volkswagen, Audi, Ducati, Lamborghini, FCA group, IDG, etc.

FARNOVA new energy vehicles meet the standards of China's new energy vehicles and European new energy vehicle standards. At present, we cooperate with many famous domestic automobile manufacturers in design, research and development.

2. China's only large-scale application of carbon fiber materials to do the body of the automobile enterprise.

FARNOVA new energy vehicle adopts carbon fiber material with high strength and low density. It sets up the market core competitiveness of "lightweight", "one-time forming" and "low-cost" of FARNOVA new energy vehicle. It is unique in the market. It is the only domestic automobile enterprise that applies carbon fiber material as the vehicle body on a large scale.



Genlin Guo

China FARNOVA was founded by Mr. Genlin Guo in 2009. He devoted his enthusiasm, persistence and rich experience to China's navigation industry, and realized the manufacture and sales of sailing boats in an innovative way. With the great efforts of the international top team with Mr. Dubois as the chief designer, who is the world-famous palace class yacht design master of the United Kingdom, we have integrated the world-famous super yacht design brands in several years, and led the shipbuilding elite teams of various countries to jointly create the super yacht with excellent performance in the Asia Pacific region.


Chief engineer

Jinbo Pan

Since 1978, he has been working in Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of mechanical and electrical industry. He has successively served as deputy director and director of planning and integration division. In 1985, it acquired French automobile enterprises and established Guangzhou Peugeot Automobile Company. Overall responsible for the preparation of the car factory. It was successfully listed on February 12, 1993. Due to the shortage of domestic and foreign personnel, Mr. Pan became the only on duty executive director and general manager of the listed company. Until the reorganization of Guangzhou Honda, with 30 years of international automotive industry experience.

He is now in charge of the preparation of FARNOVA automobile.


Director of ecological cooperation

Zhibin Lin

In 1980, it introduced American Chrysler automobile factory, introduced American dodge automobile series and police car alarm lamp exhibition and entered China for sales, and built a first-class automobile aftermarket network;

In 1991, Guilin likate Environmental Protection Industrial Co., Ltd. was established

Guilin aidihu Communication Co., Ltd. was established in 1995 (purchased by Cisco)

Hopesgroup 2000

China Tietong Southern Hong Kong Co., Ltd. was established in 2002

2004 Guangxi Shenzhou Environmental Protection Industry Holding Group Co., Ltd

2016 China Food Technology Investment Limited (Hong Kong)


Chief inspector   Mr. Michele Pennese

MechatronicSystem Business Unit–   Director;

Chief TechnicalOfficer;

Research &Development Director;Research &Development Manager;   Hybrid Vehicles ProgramManager;


Pan Dai, director of design

Fanova Automotive

2018.2-2018.5 senior designer / digital model manager, Asia Pacific Marketing Manager esiste automotive design (Turin, Italy)

-2017.5-2018.2cas Manager / Senior Designer

BYD Design Center (Shenzhen)

-2017.2-2017.5 design project manager

Esiste Munich Design Center (Munich, Germany)

-2015.9-2017.2 Designer (interior and exterior) / digital modeler / visual performance Lamborghini design center Turin studio (Turin, Italy)

-2015.8-2015.9 Designer / digital Modeler

Popular concept design

-2014.3-2015.6 postgraduate degree

The TAD graduate program is sponsored by Audi and Bugatti

Polytechnic University of Milan (Milan, Italy)